Our Approach

Our focus on three- and four-star hotels and our supply to cafés and other catering services, allows us to stay at the top of our game when it comes to the production of innovative creations in the kitchen. In addition, our astute attention to nutrition, the importance of a balanced diet and our awareness of medical dietary restrictions; necessary for our proper service within the healthcare and education industry, guarantees that every dish crafted by CaterEssence is wholesome, pure and most importantly always delicious.


Our commitment to consistency is what keeps our kitchens running so smoothly. We set the bar, promote our standards and focus across the industries that we cater for. With Tourism and Healthcare as our longest standing areas of expertise…

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Be it sweet or savoury, our products head out to a number of retail companies in Malta and Gozo. They can also be found, exclusively, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea aboard the Virtu Ferries travelling back and forth from Sicily…

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A great pastry chef knows quality production of cakes and pastries; the CaterEssence pastry kitchen is equipped with the finest pastry chefs who live and breathe pastry!

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Corporate culture has changed in recent years. With the majority of professionals working remotely, one of the perks on-site companies can provide for their staff is catered food.

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Our Food

Choosing the best catering service very much depends on the food and beverage industry you belong to; luckily CaterEssence services a myriad of different industries. We service hotels hotels and restaurants and cafés in the tourism sector, care homes in the healthcare industry, English language schools in the education market as well as retail brand supply, personalised cake services and corporate catering solutions.

We are devoted to giving all our clients a taste of our pride, passion and determination with every meal we cater for. The experience of excellent food, qualified and experienced chefs, genuine care for nutrition and execution as well as our focus on quality is what allows CaterEssence to stand out in the food service industry.

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