A great pastry chef knows quality production of cakes and pastries.

The CaterEssence pastry kitchen is equipped with the finest pastry chefs who live and breathe pastry!
From temperature to technique, choice of ingredient to proper storage, when it comes to pastry; the details are vital. The CaterEssence pastry kitchen bakes the finest cakes, individual pastries and select delicacies for every event.

Retail Cakes & Ice Cream

Cake and Ice Cream culture is rising in Malta, with many cafés offering CaterEssence cakes in their store displays, our retail cakes and our ice cream is freshly prepared in our equipped kitchen and transported to outlets in temperature controlled vans.

All retail cakes are stored to preserve freshness, taste and overall appearance. Our Ice Cream  is produced and supplied exclusively to CaterEssence by one of the leading Ice Cream brand in Italy, “Aromitalia’.

Individual Pastries

The CaterEssence pastry team creates hundreds of individual pastries a day; these fresh nibbles are usually sent to retail outlets, ordered for personal events and booked for big celebrations.

The individual pastries that come out of the CaterEssence kitchen serve as the perfect bite-size snack whether you’re on the go or enjoying a party. Our team relishes in showing their culinary skills and passion for food through their hard work and attention to every detail.

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We offer customised catering solutions and unique food products should you wish to contact Cateressence with any queries please get in touch.